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WebSOC Website Multi-demensional Monitoring System



Fast Scanning

The scanning speed is 20 times faster than IBM AppScan for a same scanning target.


Comprehensive Detection

WebSOC can scan 50.000 of websites aper day and provide rea-time monitoring as well.


Real Time Detection

7X24 hours monitoring to find every compromised websites.


Valid Scanning Result

Web SOC owns built-in POC which can do high risk vulnerabilities validation to avoid false positive results.




WebSOC is a comprehensive monitoring system which can monitor the website in real-time to detect DNS, website respongding time, and prevent website from dark link, Trojans, content tampering. It has the capacity of quikly scanningwebsites to detect vulnerabilities like SQL injection, CSRF, XSS, etc. WebSOC also owns the ability of big data analysis of 10 billion logs every day.



Product Functions:


Intrusion Monitoring

Intelligent analysis for website content by using big data to detect dark link, Trojan, content tempered and keywords. The detection accuracy of Trojan and dark link is up to 99.9%.


Vulnerability scanning

More than 500 web vulnerability rules provide deep detection of common SQL injection, XSS, cross—site request forgery (CSRF), CGI vulnerabilities and other code layer vulnerabilities.


Performance Monitoring

Monitor the web availability and performance timely to find abnormal link, access delay, error analysis and other problems.


Asset Identification

Identify server-side fingerprint identification, third-party application component fingerprint identification, server port, ICP record, IP and geographical location information.


Visualization Display

Display security status of the target site from multi-dimensional visualization.



Product Features


Cloud data center formed by billions of URLs daily processing

CCSC WebSoc has an Internet security cloud data center to monitor Trojan urls, dark link and other security events for more than 800 million domains in real-time. The daily analysis number of URLs is up to
one billion.


Super monitoring engine as a solid technical core

WebSoc can monitor hundreds of sites per minute with super-monitoring performance. A single device has the capacity to daily monitor more than 500,000 webs for large-scale and cyclical monitoring situation.


Third-party application vulnerability detection and POC rapid response

Identify various types of application information and third-party Web components (such as forums, BLOGs, online editors, etc.) running on the system. Ensure accurate detection results based on POC.


Flexible alarm mode, a comprehensive trend analysis

The alarm function of the system supports fine-grained configuration, which can be configured for independent alarm configuration for different monitoring functions to achieve periodic alarm purpose.


Multiple deployment modes and convenient extension.

The system supports stand-alone, clustering, distributed, virtualization and other deployment methods. The system also provides convenient extension by open APIs and leakage with major SOC platforms according to detection scale.


WebSOC Website Multi-demensional Monitoring System
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