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Waterproof high power jamming system

1. Introduction

The rapid development of wireless communication makes great convenience to the lives of people around the world. However, criminals’ abuse already seriously do harm to people’s lives and impartial law enforcement.



Figure 1.1 Illegal Communication in Prison


Inmates take use of the wireless communication equipment and engage in the illegal activity with the outside partisans. They command to murder the witness and try to be acquitted, even making the riots to escape from the jail.
This jamming system can be deployed in large sensitive locations such as military or governmental compounds. It can also be used in Oil and Gas Storage Facilities and fields, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, Museums, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, etc.



Figure 1.2 DJ-6000 Jammer



2. Advantages


  • Each unit can jam up to six frequency bands simultaneously.
  • For the cellular phone jamming, only making the interference to the downlink bands, never to the uplink and make sure BTS normal running.
  • Special Waterproof and solid housing for all weather protection.
  • Continuous operation, even in hot climates, with no time limit.
  • Heat sink designing combing with the fans to make system in a cooling status.
  • Secure design to avoid sabotage.
  • (VSWR) circuit protection to ensure system will not burn out in case of antenna short circuiting or disconnection
  • Antenna type options, directional or omni-directional antennas option.
  • Wireless software controlled. No wired connection.
  • E-mail and sounding alarming system. Once something is wrong, such as the cabinet opened maliciously, RF cables cut off deliberately, Modules failure, Temperature problem.
  • Adjust the output power of the jamming modules by the computer.
  • ON/OFF each Jamming module or device separately.
  • Set the time to open and close the machine. System can be automatically entered into operation.
  • Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage.
  • UPS and battery backup in case of mains power failure.




Figure 2.1 DJ-6000 on Tower



3. Application

DJ-6000 can be widely used in large sensitive facilities, such as military installations and government compounds. It can also be used in oil and gas storage facilities and fields,Museums and customs.






4. Technical Specification
Based on its modular design and configuration our digital jammer can be easily operated, upgraded, repaired and adapted to its required usage.
Digital Jammer modules can be changed easily and quickly just as changing the mobile phone battery. Different jamming frequency bands can be configured as the customers’ requirement immediately.



Table 4 1 Technical Specification





Frequency Band

Average Output Power (Watt)

Channel Output Power

Cellular 850 MHz


869 MHz – 894 MHz


50 dBm (min)

Cellular 900 MHz


925 MHz – 960 MHz


50 dBm (min)

Cellular 1800MHz


1805 MHz –1 880 MHz


50 dBm (min)



2110 MHz – 2130 MHz


50 dBm (min)

Cellular 1900MHz


1910 MHz -1990 MHz


50 dBm (min)


1525-1650 MHz

90 watt

47 dBm (min)

Management system

Wireless signal, 433MHz signal transmission

Physical port


Output power

200 to 400 Watt

Shielding Range

UP to 100-500 meters

(Depends on the signal strength at the application place.)

Power supply

110VAC   24VDC   18A

Control System

Each bands can work independently
Each bands’ output power is adjustable


Metal enclosure waterproof / weatherproof

Operation temperatures

0° … +70° C

Cooling system

Heat sink, four high power fans and the air filter

Size of Main Frame

72x45x32 CM

Weight of Main Frame

48 KG


Up to 85%

All the parts warranty:

24 months      


  1. HF connection cable – 4 p
  2. Power cable – 1 p
  3. High Gain External directional antenna – 2 p
  4. Safety key- 2 p

Specification ANTENNA SYSTEM

Antenna type:

12-15 dBi high gain directional antenna.

Antenna Port:



UPS and Battery Backup:

Up to 8 hours of continual operation (Quote for 4, 6 and 8 hours)
work 4 hours, you need Battery: 24V, 250AH, UPS 3000 watt
Work 6 hours, you need Battery: 24V, 350AH, UPS 3000 watt
Work 8 hours, you need Battery: 24V, 450AH, UPS 3000 watt

Cooling system

Variable fans working under the ventilation.

Size of UPS and Battery Backup

UPS Size : 461 mm*217 mm*179 mm (3000 watt, Optional)
Battery size : 522*240*216 mm (200 Ah lead acid battery optional)

Weight of UPS and Battery Backup

UPS weight: 30 kg
Battery weight : 60 kg


Metal enclosure waterproof / weatherproof

Rectifier :

± 5 Adc ( for our present UPS)


Delivery time

10 sets per week.

Payment Terms

30% TT deposit, 100% TT before shipment

Shipping way

(Air) DHL, UPS, FedEx…etc for customer choice




5. Working Principle


5.1. Jammer Diagram



Figure 5.1 Jammer diagram




5.2. DDS Technical Basic Structure



Figure 5.2 DDS working flow



DDS Working Flow:

1. Under the control of the standard frequency reference source (the frequency control word K determines its phase increment), the phase accumulator continually linearly accumulates the phase increment, When the phase accumulator accumulation produce an overflow, it composes a signal frequency cycle.

2. The output of the phase accumulator addresses the waveform ROM to convert the sample values stored in the phase accumulator into the corresponding sine wave amplitude sequence.

3. Through the high-speed DAC digital signal is converted to analog signal.

4. The low-pass filter(LPF) is used to further smooth and filter off-band spurious, and get the required waveform.



5.3. DDS Jamming Module Structure


Figure 5.3 Jamming module structure



1. RS232 interface: connect the PC and module to set parameters such as RF power, frequency band, etc.
2. DDS module: to generate a set of signals:100MHz-400MHz, but there are some noise waves
3. LPF: to filter out noise waves
4. Frequency mixer: to change the low frequency signal to high frequency signal
5. HPF: band-pass filter, to get the frequency band we need.
6. Amplifier: to amplify signal power
7. Output: change wired signal to wireless signal
8. Digital alterable local oscillator: to generate a source clock frequency as we set
9. Parameter Input Port: get or set power, voltage, etc. parameters



6. Equipment Structure

The system consists of center management computer and software, wireless router, jammer host and antenna. The whole system Structure shows as bellow:


Figure 6.1 System Structure




6.1. Machine Body

In the control of management platform, stationary jamming system could automatically jam all mobile phone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth terminals, realize seamless interference communication screening.



Figure 6.2 DJ-6000 Machine Body



In order to warranty the device in normal working under extremely high temperature, we designed excellent cooling systems in the equipment



Figure 6.3 Cooling System



6.2. Antenna




Figure 6.4 Omni Antenna




Table 6.1 Technical Specification




Omni Antenna

Frequency Range

450-470 MHz

725-960 MHz

1520-2200 MHz

2300-2700 MHz

Input Impedance

50 (Ω)



(3dB) HPBW


Maximum Power

150 watt


3 dBi

5 dBi

7-10 dBi

10-12 dBi


Vertical Polarization

Connector Type


Lighting Protection

Direct Ground

Wind Velocity

200 (km/h)


1100-1300 cm

650-950 cm

650-1800 cm

650-950 cm

Hold Pole Diameter

φ33-φ36 (mm)




Directional antenna:



Figure 6.5 Directional Antenna



Table 6.2 Technical Specification




Directional Antenna

Frequency Range







Input Impedance

50 (Ω)



(3dB) HPBW

65° H-plane  7° E-plane

Maximum Power

500 watt


5 dBi

12-15 dBi

15-18 dBi

15-18 dBi


>25 (dB)


>28 (dB)


<-107 (dB)

Cross Polarization

>15 (dB)


Vertical Polarization

Connector Type


Lighting Protection

Direct Ground

Wind Velocity

200 (km/h)


11 KG


125*290*90 mm

Hold Pole Diameter

φ50-φ100 (mm)



Angle of Directional Antenna can be Adjusted



6.3. Management Platform

Management platform is mainly used for other equipment parameter configuration in the system. It is a combination of software and hardware which connects the jammers through 433 MHz wireless transmission.



Figure 6.6 Wireless Router



Management software have the follow functions:


  • Monitor all the jammers’ operation status under its coverage;
  • Setting the time to On/Off the equipment automatically;
  • On/off each module or jammer;
  • Config the parameters of each jammer or jamming module such as RF power, frequency band;
  • Recive and indicate alarm informations to the operator.




Figure 6.7 Login Interface




Figure 6.8 Main Operation Window



Once something is wrong with the jammer, such as the cabinet opened maliciously, RF cables cut off deliberately, Modules failure, Temperature problem. E-mail and sounding alarming system will help the operator to locate the problem and solve it.


Figure 6.9 Management Center




Figure 6.10 Abnormal Alarms



7. Implementation Design (**as example)

System implementation includes choosing place and layout of major equipment, antenna, and power supply. Based on the previous preliminary research on the building layout, a preliminary design for implementation has come out. The target of our design is to jam all signals within a defined area.


7.1. Installation

1. In order to reduce the influence of uncontrolled area and enhance the effective coverage control area, antenna consists of high performance omni-directional antennas. Omni-directional antenna should be distributed in multi-point of central area.

2. In order to reduce the influence to existing construction layout, antenna should be mounted on the roof or high position of towers.

3. In order to make the wireless signal to achieve better radiation effect, antenna mount height is 5 to 40 meters. It is should be deployed in proper arrangement according to existing buildings.

4. Considering the area has the special environment and requirements, using a flexible low loss high power RF cable are ideal choice. All cables meet special requirements of waterproof and moisture proofing when it is using outdoor.


The deployment of antenna is shown as following:



Figure 7.1 Illustration of antenna layout in XXX



7.2. Results


    • Achieve jamming effect of all buildings in the coverage.
    • All mobile phones cannot communication in the building.
    • All Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication equipment cannot receive the signal.
    • Totally meet the requirements.



Jammer vehicle – Download PDF

Waterproof high power jamming system
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Write the E-Mail, we will contact you within days.