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Video Forensics System

1. Requirement Analysis


With the construction and development of the city, surveillance system plays an unprecedented role in the security protection systems. Usually the surveillance system captures and carries a huge amount of video, audio and image information, and all the information can tell a lot in obtaining clues of the case, and discovering the digital evidence. The other videos which are stored in the mobile phone or computer are of similar importance. When a criminal activity, a violence or terrorism incident occurs, we can get valuable information or intelligence by extracting and analyzing the related videos. Therefore, a professional, integrated and authenticated video forensics system is becoming urgently necessary.


2. System Introduction


Video Forensics System (hereinafter as VFS) is a forensically sound system for video extraction, recovery and analysis. Through VFS, it helps clarify the visual evidence and restore the truth rapidly.




3. System Functions


3.1 Video Extraction and Recovery


  • Support video extraction of mainstream and non-mainstream manufacturers CCTV hard disk
  • Support video extraction from hard disk, U disk, SD card, TF card, and other storage medium
  • Recover impaired or even lost, deleted, overwritten and fragmented video materials
  • Support video extraction of Fat32, exFat, NTFS, JFS, EXT2/3/4 and other file systems
  • Video files can be extracted by channel and time
  • Support quick data imaging from source disk into file
  • Footage Restoration


3.2 Video Playing


  • Support ultra-playing from local files/case sources/surveillance hard drives
  • Support files playing with different video format from different video recorder manufacturers as MP4, AVI, H.264, etc.
  • Support multiple surveillance brands including Hik Vision, Dahua, Honeywell, SONY, SAMSUNG, BOSCH, JOVISION, RaySharp, WAPA, VISIONDIGI, HANBANG, JOOAN
  • Transcode videos which cannot be played or normally played
  • Load images and videos in any format, including proprietary CCTV/DVR formats


3.3 Video Process


  • Perform enhancement such as brightness, contrast, fogging and other image operations, so that it can recognize license plates, faces, etc. better.
  • Support video editing: user can locate the specified beginning and ending.
  • Bookmark playback: when you find a target, or interesting frame in a video, or different steps in the processing, you can make a bookmark, giving it a name and description for quick access. Once you have made a bookmark, you can find it on the right side as the following interface:




Bookmark playback interface



3.4 Video Analysis


Retrieval operation interface




Retrieval operation interface



Analyze and retrieve all moving objects in videos, and quickly capture key information for the forensic investigators, devoting to clarify the crime scene more clearly.

  • Filter and search the pedestrians, vehicles, colors, the interest area, exclusion area, directions and trip routes
  • Quick retrieval of all video clips
  • Track areas or target of interest (such as people or objects) through static, dynamic, and manual tracking.


3.5 Case Management


  • Conduct all case operations like case creation, deleting, modification, view and search
  • Create a new case and input necessary information such as case no., name and date. The rest is generated by default
  • Generate the technical report that the investigator can bring to the court


3.6 Samples


See a few sample images of improving and enhancing video details below. For each example, the original image is on the left, and the result after enhancing using VFS is on the right.



Correct the perspective of objects


Improve dark videos





Measure the height of a subject or something in the environment



Enhance images due to fog and environmental conditions



3.7 System Accessories



Device Name




Hard Drive Duplicator

Forensic imager


Hard-disk disassemble suite

Reduce the errors occurred during the process of disassembling the disk body


Write-block Kit

Provides write protection for IDE, SATA, SAS, USB, 1394 interface


Wipe Drive

Remove data on different medium, including all HDD, USB thumb drive, storage cards, etc.



4. System Application


  • For the law enforcement, military department, intelligence bureau, digital forensics personnel
  • For photos and video surveillance at a crime scene
  • Field where violence and terrorism incident occurred, or lab scenario


5. System Advantages


  • Provide solution customization
  • High recognition of products in the solution
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Quickly and thoroughly examine all data to find actionable insights
  • Refer to forensics process and standard, maintain digital evidentiary integrity at every step, get legal digital evidence
  • Excellent compatibility, easy to extend


6. Flexible Platforms





7. Training


  • Principle and advanced technical training
  • Product application practice
  • Issue the certification of original manufacturers after our professional training, a qualification with global recognition
Video Forensics System
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