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Next Generation Firewall



Privis firewall is independent designed next generation firewall which provides comprehensive security protection from layer 2 to layer 7 for the mobile Internet era. Privis firewall can achieve in – depth analysis of users, applications and content to provide users high performance, visualization, accurate and effective integration of application layer security protection system.


Core Capabilities


 Various of VPN Technology

 Network Behavior Audit

 Known Virus Detection

 APT Detection

 Intrusion Detection

 Visualization Analysis


System Features


1. High Performance

2. Flexible Virtualization Extension

3. Unified Security Engine

4. Accurate Internet Behavior Management and Audit

5. Comprehensive Intrusion Protection

6. APT Protection

7. Intelligent Bandwidth Management

8. Independent VPN Module

9. Simple Configuration Maintenance

10. High Availability



Next Generation Firewall
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Write the E-Mail, we will contact you within days.