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Anti-UAV Device


Handheld Anti-UAV Device is a professional control device transmitting high-intensity electromagnetic waves to interfere with all kinds of small and medium-sized commercial UAVs’ flight control systems and satellite positioning systems to invalidate them. Through reasonable operations, it  can let the controlled UAV loss of control, turn back, to be drove away, forced to land or crash.

The system adopts a variety of new technologies and is the lightest and most eeicient portable commercial UAV control system with minimum power and minimum volume.




* Low power, high eeiciency and long control distance
* Capability of blocking flight control frequency of 2.4GHz/5.8GHz
* Capability of blocking positioning frequency of a variety of satellites, (GPS/QZSS/GLONASS/Galileo)
* Portable design, one-hand operation, convenience in carrying and use
* Rechargeable lithium battery pack used with excellent range ability
* DSSS/FHSS dual-mode digital interference sources and all-solid-state MMIC technology adopted with high reliability and normal workability under cold and high temperature environments


Technical Parameters:


*Signal characteristic: DSSS /FHSS
*Frequency range: 2400~2483MHz/5725~5850MHz/1559~1616MHz
*Output power: 8W/2W/5W
*Operating time: ≥50min (continuous transmission);
240min (30s transmission, 90s stop)
*Body diameter: 410mm x 90mm x 55mm
*Size of battery pack: 30mm x 82mm x 145mm
*Weight of host: 1510g
*Weight of battery pack: 550g



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