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Digital Forensics Lab

1. Requirement Analysis


Nowadays, as we all know, the information processing technology is developing speedily. At present, electronic products are playing active role in every aspect of our life; however, they are sometimes involved in many criminal activities. Electronic product almost stores all our information, thus when it has to undergone criminal investigation, a large amount of data needs to be processed. All the information can tell a lot in obtaining clues of the case, and discovering the digital evidence. What’s more, digital evidence is gradually becoming one of the new litigation evidence.
The Logicube help the Intelligence Group acquire the conclusive evidence of the Iraq and Taliban terrorism attacks during the 9.11 and Bombing in Bali, Indonesia investigation.
In February 2017, Cellebrite assisted FBI in cracking the iPhone of a Shooting suspect, and FBI was already a client of Cellebrite before the shooting accident.
The need for digital forensics work is becoming more and more pressing. It can help the law enforcement, military department, intelligence bureau to uncover cases and obtain valuable information.
Establishing a digital forensics laboratory can satisfy the requirement. The laboratory follows strict, scientific and judicial process to ensure the standardization of inspection process, identification technology and evidence preservation; make out the identification conclusion after professional investigation of the evidence, which can serve as a proof in ascertaining the fact in lawsuit. Therefore, the digital forensic lab can fully assist law-enforcing department system in quickly obtaining relevant evidence, and improve the case handling efficiency as well as law enforcement capability.



2. Lab Introduction


Digital Forensics Lab (DFL) is where forensic personnel conduct inspected material acceptance, evidence acquisition, forensic analysis, and finally uncover digital evidence and provide a court-admitted report
Our proven DFL is built for deep-level digital forensics investigation, with powerful processing, standard workflows, professional reports, and evidence integrity assurance. It empowers you to perform forensics through mountain of data, handle various data types and process multiple cases simultaneously, all within a stable and collaborative environment



3. Lab Functions


Our DFL provides computer forensics, mobile phone forensics, video forensics and other forensics service for enterprise and government agency

  • Get the digital evidence, crack down illegal crime
  • Get access to valuable intelligence, crack down the terrorists
  • Analyze data, spark new investigative paths and deeper insights


4. Lab Area Introduction


4.1 Acceptance Zone


This zone is built to accept and register submitted devices or materials for forensics. Reception personnel shall complete business like registration, check, receiving, handover, and returning in this zone
Main equipment in the zone: information reception counter, bar code scanner, laboratory management system, printer, scanner, bar code printer, photocopy machine, paper shredder.

4.2 Mobile phone Forensics zone


Mobile phones become indispensable contact tools in people’s daily life. It usually stores a lot of information of the user. When a criminal activity, a violence or terrorism incident occurs, we can get valuable information or intelligence by extracting data from the suspect’s mobile phone. However, the data is usually difficult to extract, because suspect’s mobile phones have different brands, operating systems, applications, and they are often damaged. These are what our mobile phone digital forensics zone will solve.
This zone of our lab provides an advanced comprehensive solution for data acquiring, recovering and analyzing, and reporting of the mobile phones.
Main equipment in the zone: Mobile phone forensics software, Data recovery software, Mobile phone Signal shielding bag/box, Photo device, Chip-off Reading Tool, Mobile Malware Analysis System and others


4.3 Computer Forensics zone


Criminal activities using computers as tools are increasing year by year. The hard disk of the computer often stores many pictures, videos and other files related to the suspect and the OS of the computer usually records the operator’s behaviors, extracting all of the information can help the law enforcement agency to find out relevant clues or direct evidences that will help the case investigation.
This zone of our lab provides an advanced comprehensive solution for data acquiring, recovering and analyzing, and reporting of the computers.
Main equipment in the zone: Computer forensics software, Data recovery software, System emulation software, Hard Drive Duplicator, Wipe Drive, Write-block Kit, high Speed Password Crack Platform and others.


4.4 Video Forensics zone


Nowadays the law enforcement always faces the problem of processing investigation-related videos, which can help obtain case clues and discover digital evidences. Videos captured by surveillance system have to be processed, as also the videos extracted from mobile phone or computer. The mobile phone forensics zone and computer forensics zone only extract the videos instead of processing them, the extracted videos have to be delivered to the video forensics zone for further processing. That is why a professional, integrated and authenticated video forensics system is necessary.
This zone provides a forensically sound system for video extraction, recovery and analysis of surveillance video and other video sources. It helps clarify the visual evidence and restore the truth rapidly.
Main equipment in the zone: Video forensics software, Video process software, Hard Drive Duplicator, Wipe Drive, Write-block Kit and others


4.5 Dust-free Work Zone


During the investigation, the storage mediums sometimes are damaged or destroyed. In such cases, these storage mediums need to be repaired in a professional dust-free environment to ensure the high success rate of data recovery and avoid secondary damage.

Main equipment in this zone: Hundred-class dust-free clean workbench, Hard disk disassemble device and kit suites.



4.6 Report Generation Zone and Storage Zone


After all the forensic works are finished, it needs to give out a professional, authenticated and court-admitted report about the result. Besides, all the involved forensic materials should be preserved in file cabinets or the antimagnetic damp-proof cabinets, including the report files, submitted hard disks and mobile phone, imaging disks and all the other storage media.
Main equipment in this zone: optical disk burning printer, bookbinding machine, multifunctional colored all-in-one printing machine, file cabinet, antimagnetic damp-proof cabinet, etc.


4.7 Machine Room Zone


This zone provides the basic running environment, including switch, disk array, UPS and other equipment.


5. Appearance




6. Training


  • Principle and advanced technical training
  • Product application practice
  • Issue the certification of the original manufacturer after our professional training, a qualification with global recognition





Principle And Advanced Technical Training

Hard Disk Data Recovery Basic Knowledge

File System(FAT32,NTFS)

Mobile Phone Data Extraction Means


Product Application Practice Training

Computer Forensics System
Mobile Phone Forensics System

Video Forensics System

Hard-disk Disassemble Practice

Mirroring Practice




7. Lab Advantages


  • Provide solution customization
  • High recognition of products in the solution
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Quickly and thoroughly examine all data to find actionable insights
  • Refer to forensics process and standard, maintain digital evidentiary integrity at every step, get legal digital evidence
  • Excellent compatibility, easy to extend
Digital Forensics Lab
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Write the E-Mail, we will contact you within days.