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CyberInsight Radar System

Cyber Resources Detection




Accurate Identification

Capable to identify accurately the world’s 4.2 billion cyberspace addresses, more than 30,000 kinds of network resources and over 150,000 versions.


Physical correlation

Contain abundant geographical location system. Achieve correlation of cyberspace and physical space.


Rapid Detection

Each radar costs only 800 seconds to detect a class B network segment.


Lightweight Access

Provide targeted lightweight detection strategy. Detection as normal access without being sensed.





CCSC system which could detect the Internet and business intranet. It can collect information of the network assets, equipments activities, geographical location, organization, service providers and other basic information. It could also recognize equipment type, equipment brand, equipment model, equipment versions, open ports, provision of services and usage of components.



Product Features


Cyberspace Mapping

User can detect a variety of operating systems, applied services, ICS, IoT device and mobile devices, etc. As for every device and every categoty, user can get their detailed info from the corresponding geographical location, network layer service and application layer system, and can also get social information and basic correlation information of network assets.


Cyberspace Resources Search

The CyberInsight Radar system can quickly detect and classify cyberspace assets based on IP, port, component, service and region, etc. The system is capable of detecting these assets periodically to complete statistical summary of these assets.


Customization for fingerprint rules

Based on fingerprint databases of assets and components, private network assets and fingerprint recognition patch can be customized for user to ensure user can detect private network resources and assets.


Deployment Methods

CCSC CyberInsight Radar has two major deployment methods, respectively, the single deployment and cluster deployment. Single deployment is todirectly connect the CCSC CyberInsight Radar server with the Internet (or internal network) for resource detection. Cluster deployment is to deploy radars based on user target detection scale and performance requirements, combined with user internal management requirements (multi-operator and centralized display, etc.)


CyberInsight Radar System
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