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APT Advanced Persistent Threat Detection System

Product Abstract


Product Highlight:


  • Based on signature matches, refuse known threat hit.
  • Based on sandbox virtualnzation execution, discover unknown malicious codes.
  • Based on abnormal behavior detection, active defense to malicious codes from penetrated system.


Cybereye APT


  • Union with top Anti-malware companies. Authoritative signature detection.
  • Exclusive visualization simulation execution.
  • Mining behavior analysis based on machine learning.



Product Function


Authoritative Malware Detection

Integrated multiple Anti-malware engine from top cyber security companies. Achieved recognition of virus, Trojans, worms, bots, backdoors, ransomware


Command-Ievel Sandbox Behavior Simulation Analysis

Achieve detection of 0-Day vulnerability and unknown malware codes by achieving command—Ievel monitoring and controlling processes, files, networks under special virtual execution technology.


Abnormal Behavior mining Analysis

Recognize unknown threats like abnormal access, abnormal traffic and hidden C&C according to behavior model that is built by deep-learning technology.


Visualized Analysis

Achieve drill-down analysis, trace analysis, attack path analysis and risk level analysis based on Graph Analysis of attack tree and attack map.


Cloud-terminal Threat Intelligence Analysis

Achieve cloud threat situation awareness analysis by APT trace analysis from attack source, attack target, attack purpose, attack tools and attack skills.



Product features and values


dynamic and static combination

Use static Anti-malware Detection and dynamic sandbox Analysis to achieve dynamic and static close—looped detection.


Signature Behavior Combination

Use signature detection to recognize known threat. Use behavior baseline and behavior modeling to recognize unknown threat.


Cloud-terminal combination

Combine local terminal with cloud threat analysis to build cooperated and globalized awareness defense system


Accurate Detection

Recognize unknown threat and detect 0-Day vulnerability to fix security weakness.


Advanced Defense

Linkage with advanced threat defense gateway to prevent sensitive information leakage, protect sensitive data security and provide security ability beyond compliance.


Black-box Forensics

Threat intelligence Trace, Attack behavior forensics. Use original forensics to trace attack.


APT Advanced Persistent Threat Detection System
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