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All-In-One Portable Face Recognition System is a high-precision, real-time, dynamic face recognition system, which can work all the time and be quickly deployed. This system is based on the world’s leading intelligent face recognition algorithm and is designed and optimized by our artificial intelligence hardware design team. This system is a high-performance and high-precision active intelligent mobile monitoring device.


Features and Specifications


* Professional: High precision real time facial recognition Platform for security
* With webcam for deep optimization of shooting scenes such as low light and back light
* Flexible: deployed by single person quickly and work all-day
* Close to actual combat: Work without WIFI and external power
* Leading algorithm: No.1 facial recognition algorithm with deep learning
* High performance: Effortlessly deal with crowded people in complex environments
* Cluster effect: Can be networked with multiple cameras, mobile phones and drones
* Large storage: Cryptographically stored millions of portrait libraries for local comparisons
* User-friendly: User-friendly sooware interface is convenient for users




* Non-destructive Miniaturization Hardware Accelerated Design for Face Recognition Algorithms
* Face detection technology ensures low-clear, mesh noise human face capture
* Optional accelerated card for recognizing 2000 people per minute
* Real-time monitoring and processing capability of 180 people / min / road*2
* A real time comparison of a million level local portrait database in a few seconds
* All-solid-state hardware design, high-strength shock-proof mobile chassis
* With world leading face recognition algorithm

* Billion level portrait database for all age all kinds of people Not aaected by hair / glasses
* Over 99.45% portrait detection rate in complex environments One-hundred-millionth or less false alarm rate

* Strong ability to handle photos, capture rate > 98%
First find rate is high


Application Scenarioes


* Security protection and daily liquidity dispatch detected in various cases
* Temporary checkpoints to implement cross-regional catching missions
* Security for major national aaairs, foreign aaairs, government aaairs and other high specification meetings
* Temporary security for large events such as exhibitions, sports events and concerts
* Antiterrorism in the complex environment
* Vehicular application


All-in-one Face Recognition System – Download PDF


3D-based Face Recognition (including 2D solution introduction) – Download PDF

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Write the E-Mail, we will contact you within days.